Orchestrating learning in the language classroom: the IWB as digital dashboard.

Babylonia 04/2014;


Today’s technology-rich environments present a number of challenges and opportunities for language learning. In educational circles, new methodologies based on blended learning, the flipped classroom, mobile learning, and game-based learning, to name but a few, are recommended for digitally literate and digitally motivated learners. For language teaching in particular, communicative, task-based, and socio-constructivist approaches are promoted, emphasising collaborative learning, authentic language, emergent language, and learner autonomy, again among many other buzzwords and trends. These developments are set against a backdrop of traditional institutional infrastructures, with their constraints of obligatory programmes and curricula, assigned textbooks, examination requirements and, of course, limited technical and human resources. In this paper I will argue that one particular technological tool, the interactive whiteboard (IWB), can offer a single, fixed point from which many of these differing and often conflicting demands can be addressed.

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Available from: Shona Whyte, Apr 11, 2014