Sexual dysfunction in infertile couples: Evaluation and treatment of infertility

ArticleinJournal of the Pakistan Medical Association 64(2):138-45 · February 2014with8 Reads
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    To evaluate the diagnostic and the predictive value of Arizona Sexual Experience Scale among primary infertile couples regarding sexual dysfunction.
    The cross-sectional and prospective pre, post study comprising primary infertile patients was carried out at Bulent Ecevit University Hospital, Zonguldak, Turkey. Fifty consecutive primary infertile couples not treated previously were investigated between 2003 and 2007 for the presence of sexual dysfunction by a psychiatrist. Arizona Sexual Experience Scale scoring was self-administered to determine sexual dysfunction among couples before treatment and also 3 months after the initiation of the treatment.
    Pretreatment mean values of the index parametres in both women and men were significantly increased after treatment. Statistically significant positive correlation was observed between pre- and post-treatment total scores in both women (r = 0.83; p < .001) and men (r = 0.92; p < .001). Receiver operating characteristic curve analyses revealed optimum cut-offs of pre- and post-treatment scores in women were were > 14 (Sensitivity: 57%; Specificity: 90%) and > 13 (Sensitivity: 83%; Specificity: 93%), respectively. Pre- and post-treatment scores in men were > 10 (Sensitivity: 65%; Specificity: 61%), > 11 (Sensitivity: 83%; Specificity: 62%), respectively. Binary logistic regression analyses revealed women's pre-treatment and post-treatment scores as a significant factor for prediction of sexual dysfunction independent of sociodemographic factors (p = 0.001 and p = 0.001, respectively).
    Evaluation and treatment of infertility is an important risk factor for sexual dyfunction. Pre- and posttreatment Arizona Sexual Experience Scale score could be used as a screening test for sexual dysfunction and might be used to decide pre/post-treatment consultation of couples with a specialist.