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Aulacus striatus in Nederland

  • Eurofins - MITOX B.V., Amsterdam
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... Korte tijd heb ik in de collectie van Naturalis enkele Symphyta-families opgenomen en daarvan een databankje aangelegd om stukjes over te schrijven. Maar de parasitaire families trokken meer (Peeters & Kuper 2006, Peeters 2011, 2013. Mijn tijdelijke banen bij Mitox Amsterdam vanaf 2014 hebben mijn horizon binnen de arthropoden aanzienlijk verbreed. ...
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In this article the autor outlines the visual characteristics, distribution, flight period and biology of Ibalia leucospoides (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Ibaliidae) in the Netherlands
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The results of the first phylogenetic investigation of members of the Aulacidae of the world are presented. The main objective was to test the monophyly of the currently recognised genera. In total, 79 morphological characters were scored for a substantial sample of the extant aulacid fauna, including 72 species, as well as 12 outgroup taxa belonging to Evaniidae, Gasteruptiidae, Megalyridae, Trigonalidae, Braconidae and Stephanidae. All zoogeographic regions were represented. The dataset was analysed under different conditions (ordered, unordered, equal and implied weighting). The results under different weighting conditions are not fully congruent and many relationships remain unresolved. However, the analyses demonstrate that the current generic classi!cation of the Aulacidae is not a natural one. There is support for a very large, monophyletic clade which includes all Pristaulacus Kieffer spp. + Panaulix Benoit spp. This suggests a wider generic concept for Pristaulacus, which is redefined and rediagnosed here. As a consequence, Panaulix becomes a junior synonym of Pristaulacus (syn. nov.), and the two described species of Panaulix are transferred to Pristaulacus: Pristaulacus rex (Benoit, 1984), comb. nov., and Pristaulacus irenae (Madl, 1990), comb. nov. The genus Aulacus Jurine was consistently paraphyletic and is not valid as currently defined. Furthermore, we failed to retrieve a consistent topology among the different clades of Aulacus. A satisfactory reclassi!cation of Aulacus, however, requires a much more comprehensive taxon sample and/or additional character data.
Aulacus salicius, n. sp., reared from Xiphydria popovi Semenov-Tian- Shanskij and Gussakovskij in Heilongjiang Province, China, and A. striatus Jurine, 1807, a new record for China, are reported. A key is provided for the six Palaearctic species and one Oriental Chinese species of Aulacus.
The endemic southeastern Asiatic Pristaulacus comptipennis species group is revised and illustrated. Twenty species are recognized: P. asiaticus Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (China), P. boninensis Konishi (Japan), P. comptipennis Enderlein (Japan, China, Taiwan, Laos), P. corellianus Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Laos), P. dilleri Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Laos), P. emarginaticeps Turner (Vietnam), P. excisus Turner (Vietnam), P. gusenleitneri Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Thailand), P. insularis Konishi (Japan, South Korea), P. jenningsi Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Laos), P. konishii Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov.(Thailand), P. lagrecai Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Vietnam), P. nobilei Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (China), P. porcatus Sun & Sheng (China), P. sharkeyi Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Thailand), P. thailandensis Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Thailand),P. vietnamensis Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Vietnam, Thailand), P. vilhelmseni Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Laos), P. vivaldianus Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Laos), P. watanabei Turrisi & Smith, sp. nov. (Thailand). Phylogenetic analyses are based on a previous set of 79 morphological characters. Of this data set, 28 informative including five newly added characters were analysed using TNT under different schemes (equal and implied weighting). All analyses support two large clades, the first with five species, and a more derived and diverse one containing 15 species. Other minor clades are identified and discussed. A key for identification of the species is provided.
De Nederlandse Gasteruptiidae of hongerwespen (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea). -Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen
  • C Achterberg
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Aulacus striatus, parasiet van Xiphydria camelus
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