APSIM new model proposal

Book · January 2009with6 Reads

Publisher: Plant & Food Research


    This document gives a brief description of the progress made toward a scientifically robust and validated version of APSIM potato. So far Neil has worked with Sean to set up the structure of APSIM potato and Ifah has used data from her Ph.D trials to paramatise the model. Following this Neil and Hamish have made an in-depth analysis of Ifah’s results and have started analysing a substantial body of experimental data collected by Plant and Food Research over a number of years. The scope of this data set is substantial with a range of potato varieties grown in a wide range of soils and climates with treatments of N rate, sowing date, plant population and irrigation. As well as an extensive body of experimental trials for development there is also a good set of data for model validation with both Plant and Food and CSIRO (supplied by Simplot) having access to soil, climate, management and yield data from a large number of commercially grown potato crops. It is the intent of all involved to complete a detailed synthesis of all of this data to produce a high quality potato model for APSIM and some good journal publications describing it. This document is not intended to be the final description of this work but is to be considered by the APSIM reference panel so the work in progress potato model can be put into general release to simplify version control and information exchange as the development progresses. This document is also to act as a place holder for the thinking and rational in the current version of APSIM potato.