Impact of flooding on the health of coastal fishing folks in Epe Division of Lagos State, Nigeria.

ArticleinJournal of human ergology 44(2):183-8 · November 2013with7 Reads
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    There have been predictions that the impact of global warming would put several inhabitants of coasts at serious risk of flooding. This paper analyzed the impact of flooding on coastal fishing folks in Lagos state. The data were collected with simple random sampling and analyzed with simple descriptive statistics and Probit regression. Results showed that average fishing experience was about 10 years and 14.89 percent had their water contaminated during flooding. Also, 27.66 percent spent more on health during flooding while 27.66 percent, 25.53 percent and 23.40 percent reported that diarrhea, typhoid fever and cholera became more prominent after flooding. Also, 40.43 percent indicated that members between 40<65 years were mostly affected by flooding. The Probit regression results revealed that parameters of water contaminated during flooding, single marital status, number of female, income, fishing experience, cholera incidence and climate change affects 40<65 years most increased likelihoods of spending more on health during flooding, while male household headship, diarrhea incidence and climate change affects 19<40 years most reduced it. It was concluded that intervention preparedness to address water needs of households will help in reducing the health impacts of flooding.