Medicinal Importance of Bahroza (Pinus longifolia, Roxb) in Unani Medicine: A Review

Journal of Indian medicine & Homeopathy 01/2013; 10-13(3):27-32.


Bahroza is an oleoresin of Pinus longifolia Roxb that is a large coniferous tree with a spreading crown. The oleoresin from Cheer is obtained by the method of tapping. Gandh Bahroza is a dirty white opaque substance of soft and sticky consistence, having a strong and peculiar odour, more aromatic than that of common turpentine oil. Keeping in view the medicinal important of the drug in Unani Medicine, an attempt has been made to review the available literature on its ethnobotany, medicinal uses, chemistry and scientific studies.

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Available from: Wasim Ahmad, Feb 07, 2014