Utilizzo clinico odontoiatrico di un erogatore di anestetico locale a controllo computerizzato

Dental Cadmos 01/2014; 82(1):60–66. DOI: 10.1016/S0011-8524(14)70123-0


The aim of this paper is to ascertain and underline the advantages of using a computer-controlled anesthetic injection system.

Materials and methods
The use of STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System is reported in details. And again, a clinical case is presented where local anesthetic technique on dental entities (46 and 47) was performed by means of STA System.

Results and conclusions
The STA System technique anesthetizes a tooth using a painless intraligamentary injection without damaging the periodontal ligament, which highly reduces the need of executing the troncular anesthesia of the inferior alveolar nerve. By using this anesthesia technique a more accurate recording of the occlusal relationship as well as a more reliable evaluation of the patient's aesthetics during a conservative or prosthetic dental therapy are achieved.