An Exploratory Study of Factors Affecting Consumer International Online Shopping Behavior

International Journal of e-Business Research 04/2014; 10(2). DOI: 10.4018/ijebr.2014040103


Few studies in the literature on electronic commerce provide empirical investigation of consumer behavior in the international online shopping context. This study identifies and discusses factors that influence international online purchases and profile the characteristics of those who purchase and those who do not purchase from online stores overseas in three main categories: the online shopping experiential factors, the international shopping motivational factors, and the international trust attitudinal factors. The international online shoppers tend to highly trust foreign vendors and have high preference of and confidence in online shopping. More importantly, these shoppers are knowledge of shopping sites' hosting countries and strongly believe in those sites' global propensity. The paper makes contributions towards new knowledge and understanding of how international online shoppers differ from non-shoppers.

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