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Development of an Integrated Logistics Support System for the Armed Forces



The cost of support for an expensive military system during its “in-service” phase of its life often exceeds the two-thirds of the entire life cycle cost. The support of a system in a military operational environment is the main subject of the Logistics Department and is realised through the collaboration of the maintenance and supply Departments. The success of this endeavour depends on the quantitative tasks need to be considered through the life cycle of the system and are related to its reliability, availability and maintainability. The management approach that is related to the control of this cost, the estimation and the determination of the type of supporting, is known in the international bibliography as Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). This approach materialises the doctrine “planning for support”, which ensures the integration of the processes of supply and support, in order to cover with success the needs of the system during its operational phase. This objective is achieved by the application of an analysis process known as Logistics Support Analysis (LSA). The result of this analysis is a dynamic database called Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) and follows the system until the end of its life. The present study illustrates analytically the ILS processes according to the IDEF0 standard and is based on the simplification of the models that have been developed by the American and British Armed Forces.
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