The antibiotic utilization at the university dentistry clinical center of Kosovo

Open Journal of Stomatology 12/2013; 3(9):492-496. DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.39080


Antibiotic drugs are a very important drug group considering their frequent use, safety profile and their impact on bacterial resistance induction. Aim: To investigate the utilization of antibiotic drugs at the University Dentistry Clinical Center of Kosovo (UDCCK). Methodology: Retrospective and descrip-tive study. Patient records were used as a data source collected for a period of 3 months. The total number of registered outpatients in the UDCCK was 1117 patients. The data analysis was performed using the WHO methodology and results were expressed in DDD per 1000 inhabitants per day. Results: The total prescription of antibiotics at UDCCK was 7.18 DDD/ 1000 inhabitants/day. Antibiotics were prescribed for 86 or 7.70% of patients. The most commonly pre-scribed antibiotic was Amoxicillin with clavulonic acid 3.12 (43.45%) DDD, followed by Metronidazole 2.31 DDD and Amoxicillin 1.25 DDD. Erythromycin and Cefalexin were prescribed evidently less com-pared to other antibiotics (0.38 and 0.12 DDD/1000 inhabitant/day, respectively). Conclusions: The quan-titative analysis showed no rationality of prescription of antibiotics in UDCCK. Generally, the use of anti-biotics in both departments of UDCCK is higher compared to other countries. We recommend the im-plementation of restrictive prescription standards for antibiotics.