La fauna de quirópteros del archipiélago canario

In book: Los murciélagos de España y Portugal, Chapter: La fauna de quirópteros del archipiélago canario, Publisher: ICONA, Colección Técnica, Editors: J. Benzal & O. de Paz, pp.93-111


In the Canary Islands bat fauna is composed by seven species: Pipistrellus kuhlii,
Pipistrellus maderensis, Hypsugo savii, Nyctalus leisleri, Barbastella barbastellus,
Plecotus teneriffae and Tadarida teniotis.
In this paper knowledges on chorology, ecology, biology and conservation of all
Canary species are updated.
Plecotus teneriffae is an endemic species of this islands, being Pipistrellus maderensis
a macaronesic endemism (Madeira and Canary Islands). Barbastella barbastellus could also likely represent an endemic subspecies of our Islands.

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