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Swammerdami beirnei n. sp. (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae) is described from Vancouver district, British Columbia, and distinguished from the European species, S. pyrella (De Villers) and the North American species S. heroldella Hübner = syn. S. castaneae Busck, also = syn. S. cuprescens Braun by Duckworth (1965). Some biological aspects of the species are discussed.
A revision of the hydrophilid subfamily Helophorinae (Coleoptera), containing the single genus Helophorus Fabricius 1775, is presented, including an historical review, a discussion of diagnostic characters and techniques, and an attempt at a phylogenetic reconstruction of the major lineages of the Nearctic Helophorus .Forty-one species are recognized; 9 species and 1 subspecies are described as new. Atractohelophorus Kuweit 1886 is placed in synonymy with Rhopalelophorus Kuwert 1886, and Megahelophorus Kuwert 1886 with Helophorus Fabricius 1775. On the specific level H . ventralis Motschulsky 1860 and H . obsoletesulcatus Motschulsky 1860 are placed in synonymy with H . lineatus Say 1823.A neotype is designated for H . lineatus Say.Lectotypes are designated for H . oblongus LeC., H . fortis LeC., H . regularis Sharp, H . lacustris LeC., and H . alternatus LeC.The genus Helophorus is described and the nomenclatorial and taxpnomic problems surrounding it are discussed in detail. Keys to subgenera and species are provided. Each subgenus is described; each species is described and illustrated, all available bionomic and distributional data are presented, and distributional records are mapped.
Pelosoma pecki is described as new from specimens from the Florida Keys (Upper Matacumba Key) and from Mexico (Oaxaca). The genus Genyon Smetana 1978 (type-species Cercyon navicularis Zimmerman 1869, from eastern North America) is placed in synonymy with Tectosternum Balfour-Browne 1958 (type-species T. exstriatum Balfour-Browne 1958, from equatorial Africa). A lectotype is designated for Pelosoma prosternale Sharp 1882, and Pelosoma praecursor Smetana 1978 is placed in synonymy with P. prosternale Sharp 1882. Omicrus intermedius Smetana and the genus Cycrillum Knisch, with the species C. strigicolle (Sharp), are recorded for the first time from North America. Additional data on bionomics, geographical distribution, and synonymy of many species are presented.
21. The genus Cercyon Leach (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae). The author has revised the genus Cercyon Leach. All the species are keyed and notes on their ecology and distribution are given. Wollastons "littorale Gyll." is arenarius Rey and lugubris Oliv. is reported as new for the islands. 22. The genus Pachysternum Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae). The genus and the species (P. capense Muls.) are new for the islands. They are described and notes on ecology and distribution given.
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