Ectopic Pregnancy within a Cesarean Scar Resulting In Live Birth: A Case Report

Article · November 2013with8 Reads
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    Implantation of an embryo within the scar of a previous cesarean delivery is one of the rare forms of ectopic pregnancy (EP). There are two types of such pregnancies: type 1, in which the embryo starts to progress towards the uterine cavity and may result in live birth despite the high risk of a hemorrhage occurring during birth, and type 2, which consists of pregnancies in which the embryo is embedded deep within the cesarean scar (CS) and grows towards the bladder and abdominal cavity, which is very dangerous and needs to be terminated immediately. There are very few cases in the literature reporting live birth as a result of such pregnancies. Here, we present a 41-year-old single gravid woman who had been treated for infertility at our institute and had eventually conceived through embryonic transfer freezing. At six weeks, a transvaginal scan showed the presence of an EP within the CS but despite this finding the pregnancy was continued to term.