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Comparison of Firewalls Security and Performance Issues

Article · April 2002with252 Reads
Today the internet environment contains all dangerous situations, nasty people and risks that one can find in society as a whole . A common perimeter security measure is to install a firewall between disparate networks as a means of controlling and logging network traffic passing between them . In this paper we describe , discuss and evaluate the features of four firewalls are used to secure a personal computer or small groups of interconnected computers and are not meant to secure a large system or a LAN. The firewalls evaluated in this paper are checkpoint VPN-1/Firewall-1, WinRoute pro4.1. Guardian Pro eNT, and BorderWare Firewall
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    A method and apparatus for authenticating a signal received at a wireless node. The signal is received at the wireless node. The wireless node is one of a plurality of wireless nodes in a communications network. A set of parameters is identified for the signal. A distance between the wireless node and a source of the signal is identified using a location of the wireless node and the set of... [Show full abstract]
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