Response to Comments on “Wildlife and the Coal Waste Policy Debate: Proposed Rules for Coal Waste Disposal Ignore Lessons from 45 years of Wildlife Poisoning”

Environmental Science & Technology (Impact Factor: 5.33). 09/2013; 47(19). DOI: 10.1021/es403359z
Source: PubMed


The comments by Dunford and DeForest et al., while projecting an illusion of science-based critique, are really about protecting a corporate agenda to maintain the status-quo of minimal regulations governing coal ash disposal in the United States. In our reply, we expose this agenda through factual information that counters every allegation and assertion, which were clearly intended to minimize and downplay historical and current impacts of coal ash toxicity to fish and wildlife. We issue a challenge to the Utilities Solid Waste Activities Group, who paid for the comments opposing our paper. Rather than using your energy and funds on attempts to discredit our report, please take the high road in representing your membership by vocally supporting operational changes and regulatory steps that will expedite the end of surface impounded coal ash.

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