Human Resource Philosophy

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Human resource management relates to strategic and coherent approach to themanagement of human resources of an organization. It involves a set of interrelatedpolicies with ideological and philosophical orientation and forms a business – focusedapproach to manage people for competitive advantages. The starting point for HRM isto define philosophical orientation which helps in defining visionary long – termconcept of organization. Philosophy in the context of management of an organizationconsiste of an integrated set of assumptions and beliefs about the way the things are,the purpose of the activities and the way these should be. These assumptions andbeliefs of those who create an organization (owners) and those who manage it(managers, specially the key decision makers) become base for defining vision of theorganization. These assumptions and beliefs are sometimes explicit, and occasionallyimplicit, in the minds of the decision makers. The philosophy of a person has itsorigin in two premises – fact premises and value premises. Fact premises representout descriptive view of how the world behaves. They are drawn from researchfindings and our experiences value premises represent our view of the desirability ofcertain goals and activities. HR philosophy revolves around management’s beliefs andassumptions about people – their nature, needs, value and their approach to work.These beliefs and assumptions, then determine how people should be treated. Thereare three approaches for treating people: Commodity approach, Machine approachand Humanistic approach in commodity approach, a person is treated like acommodity who can be brought or sold at a price as was the practice in old slaverysystem. In machine approach, a person is treated as a part of the machine who can befitted like any other part. Both these approaches treat a person as physiological humanbeing. In humanistic approach, a person is treated as human being havingphysiological.

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