Repair of a Large Main Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm in a 71-Year-Old Jehovah's Witness Patient.

ArticleinTexas Heart Institute journal / from the Texas Heart Institute of St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Texas Children's Hospital 40(3):350-2 · January 2013with8 Reads
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    Pulmonary artery aneurysm is a rarely reported and poorly studied entity; most mentions in the literature are in case series and case reports. Cardiac surgery in Jehovah's Witness patients is occurring more frequently because of improved techniques of blood conservation. We report the repair of a large pulmonary artery aneurysm in a 71-year-old woman who was a Jehovah's Witness. Using total cardiopulmonary bypass, we replaced the main pulmonary artery and both branches with Gelweave tube-grafts, because the fragility of a homograft presented possible bleeding problems. The patient recovered rapidly, and her symptoms were greatly improved. We think that a patient's status as a Jehovah's Witness need not preclude potentially life-saving cardiac operations.