Recovering Orientation of a Textured Planar Surface Using Wavelet Transform

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Shape from texture has received a great deal of attention in the past few decades. This paper analyzes the spectral variations of texture spatial frequencies as a function of orientation and depth of a 3-D planar surface. Based on this relationship we attempt to derive an expression for the extraction of 3-D surface orientation using texture features alone. Using experimentation on simulated texture images, we illustrate the advantage of using 1-D wavelets for this purpose.

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Available from: Thomas Greiner, Jan 29, 2013
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    ABSTRACT: In this correspondence, we propose a direct method for estimating the orientation of a plane from a single view under perspective projection. Assuming that the underlying planar texture has random phase, we show that the nonlinearities introduced by perspective projection lead to higher order correlations in the frequency domain. We also empirically show that these correlations are proportional to the orientation of the plane. Minimization of these correlations, using tools from polyspectral analysis, yields the orientation of the plane. We show the efficacy of this technique on synthetic and natural images.
    Preview · Article · Sep 2007 · IEEE Transactions on Image Processing