Conference Paper

A Review on the Impact of the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) on the Human’s Health

Conference: National Graduate Conference 2012 (NatGrad 2012), Tenaga Nasional Universiti, ISBN 978-967-5770-33-3. 8-10th Nov 2012, Malaysia


In recent years, due to technology advances human life are subjected to high level of Electromagnetic emission, Effects of the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) on the humans health is one most significant concern in the world. The present paper recognize of the possible health hazard on the humanity by exposure of Electromagnetic radiations (EMR). Potential of electromagnetic radiation can radiate through transmission lines which are very close to human’s life. The effects of the radiations are classified to two main categories that are known as ionization and non-ionization radiation may have ionization radiations have high energy that impact on the atoms in the cells, and lead to change their natural status, however they can be too dangerous and lethal, and they will lead to cancer and other diseases. On the other hand non-ionization radiations that consist of electromagnetic radiation such as communication waves, microwaves, electrical waves. This kind of radiation cannot change structure of atom; they just impact on their manner that it can lead to irreparable hurts.

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