Perspectivas de novas metodologias no Ensino de Química

Revista Espaço Acadêmico 01/2012; 12(136):95.


This work discusses the problematic relative to the teaching/learning
process of the discipline of Chemistry. We notice that the methodology used by the
teacher of Chemistry of the Secondary education is at odds with the new pedagogic
tendencies. Still is developed a methodology of memorization and very little
connects the Chemistry with the daily life of the student. The teacher can not seem
to stimulate and encourage students to study Chemistry, identifying and seeking
information relevant to their learning. Despite this traditional education still persist
new methodological conceptions are bringing other views on the teaching of
chemistry. It was born a new area of research: teaching chemistry. International
initiatives such as the celebration of International Year of Chemistry show that
science is indispensable for understanding the universe. From this vision, the new
emerged methodological concepts points to a teaching of chemistry that promises
to provide students with the mechanisms that enable them to have another
dimension of this science.

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