Batrachospermum (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta) in Australia and New Zealand: New taxa and records in Sections Contorta and Hybrida

ArticleinAustralian Systematic Botany 12(4) · September 1999with5 Reads
Impact Factor: 1.08 · DOI: 10.1071/SB98023


    Six species of Batrachospermum from Australia and New
    Zealand have a twisted to coiled carpogonial branch and determinate
    gonimoblast filaments, and are therefore referable to section
    Contorta or Hybrida.
    Batrachospermum australicum KÜtz. ex sp. nov. from
    large rivers in tropical Northern Territory has a tightly 3-coiled carpogonial
    branch; B. vittatum sp. nov. from tropical Northern
    Territory has a characteristic longitudinal mid-whorl band of spermatangia;
    and B. deminutum sp. nov. from a single locality in
    eastern-central New South Wales has reduced whorls and long carpogonial
    branches. The other three species are cosmopolitan in distribution:
    B. virgatodecaisneanum Sirodot is widespread but
    uncommon in temperate regions of both countries;
    B. ambiguum Montagne is widespread and common in
    tropical Australia; and B. globosporum Israelson is
    restricted in Australia to near Brisbane in subtropical southern Queensland.