Synthesis and properties of CaCd 2Sb 2 and EuCd 2Sb 2

ArticleinIntermetallics 18(1):193-198 · January 2010with36 Reads
Impact Factor: 2.13 · DOI: 10.1016/j.intermet.2009.07.011


    High density polycrystalline CaCd2Sb2 and EuCd2Sb2 intermetallics are synthesized by Spark Plasma Sintering and their thermoelectric properties are investigated. X-ray diffraction measurements reveal both materials have a structure in R3¯m space group, containing a small amount of CdSb as a second phase. Thermoelectric measurements indicate both are p-type conductive materials. The figure of merit value of CaCd2Sb2 is 0.04 at 600K and that of EuCd2Sb2 is 0.60 at 617K. Theoretical calculations show that CaCd2Sb2 is a degenerate semiconductor with a band gap of 0.63eV, while EuCd2Sb2 is metallic with DOS of 13.02electrons/eV. For deeper understanding of the better thermoelectric properties of EuCd2Sb2, its low temperature magnetic, transport and heat capacity properties are investigated. Its Nèel temperature is 7.22K, convinced by heat capacity anomaly at 7.13K. Hall effect convinced that it is a p-type conductive material. It has high Hall coefficient, high carrier concentration and high carrier mobility of +1.426cm3/C, 4.38×1018/cm3 and 182.40cm2/Vs, respectively. They are all in the magnitude of good thermoelectric materials. The Eu 4f level around Fermi energy and antiferromagnetic order may count for the better thermoelectric properties of EuCd2Sb2 than that of CaCd2Sb2.