T05-O-14 Sexual desire in infertile patients

  • Institute Clinical Sexology, Italian Federation Scientific Sexology
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Objective Sexual behaviour in infertile patients is often impaired by several factors as psychological distress related to infertility, focus on sex for procreation and interference of medical prescriptions on sexual activity. The hypothetic role of infertility as a risk factor for sexual dissatisfaction or dysfunction was studied in 100 infertile couples attending the Assisted Reproduction Program. Design and Method The patients were classified into four groups according to the infertility factor. The partners were then submitted to gender-specific interview, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) of American Psychiatric Association. Questions dealt with sexual dysfunction occurrence within the six month periods before and after the diagnosis of infertility. Results The results of the study suggested that sexual dissatisfaction was more exhibited in women than in men and that the hypoactive sexual desire seemed to be the most frequent dysfunction following the diagnosis of infertility in both partners. Conclusions Results confirm conclusion on the importance of sexual counselling focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions in assisted reproduction programs, particularly considering the importance of sexual well being on fertility of the couple.

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