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We present beam test results on AC-coupled, single-sided, n + -on-n type silicon microstrip detectors. We have tested the detectors before and after irradiation at a fluence of 8.3 10 13 n/cm 2 , at different temperatures and bias voltages. The signal-to-noise ratio, spatial resolution, charge collection and overall efficiency have been measured. 1 Introduction The signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) is one of the most important parameters of silicon microstrip detectors, since it strongly affects both the detection efficiency and the spatial resolution. Therefore, the investigation of the signalto -noise ratio at different detector working conditions (temperature, bias voltage, environmental radiation level) is of major interest in high energy experiments. The silicon microstrip detectors in the tracking system of the future CMS experiment at LHC (CERN) will be exposed to radiation up to a fluence of # 1.6 10 14 n/cm 2 after 10 years of operation [1]. Due to the irradiation...

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