Influence of akupoints of principal meridians on a skeletal musculation of the person

ArticleinClinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 4(4):179-190 · December 2003with6 Reads
DOI: 10.1016/j.caom.2003.12.001


    The author asserts, that each point of Principal meridian renders differential influence on a skeletal musculation. Particularly on each muscle renders direct influence four points, though there are also exceptions. Whereas the quantity of muscles size constant, occurs an opportunity to prognosticate opening new points. The creation of the completed system of active points of a body will enable to lead Qi in any site of a skeletal musculation of the person, and system will allow to describe interrelation between akupoints and skeletal muscles. And though the belonging of points to a concrete meridian is defined by their direct influence on an internal body usually appropriate to the name of a meridian. Nevertheless, this difficult process of identification is easier for beginning from interrelation akupoints and skeletal muscles. The detailed description of influence of each concrete point on sites of skeletal muscles, internal bodies, veins, arteries will frame an opportunity to consider very exact influence of each point on all organism as a whole. On an example of the Lung meridian will are considered general principles of interaction between akupoints and skeletal musculation. Muscularly––tendon meridians described in the ancient medical treatises to the given work have no any attitude.