Jumeirah Group: STAY DIFFERENT™

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies 09/2011; Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection(Tourism and Hospitality):1-15. DOI: 10.1108/20450621111192762


Title – Jumeirah Group: STAY DIFFERENT™ Subject area – Brand strategy, marketing strategy, service marketing, hospitality management and international marketing strategy. Study level/applicability – Post-graduate-level students; practitioners from the hospitality sector, brand management, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the arts and culture field may also benefit from the case. Case overview – Jumeirah Group is a luxury hospitality company that is implementing a global brand strategy after developing a strong-regional reputation. Jumeirah's strong cultural alignment to its Dubai heritage in the form of its hallmarks and communication tag line “Stay Different” is being translated into events, activities, sponsorship and more importantly in terms of service to create a symbolic and experiential brand strategy. For Alice Royton, the Director of Branding for Jumeirah Group, the dilemma was how to maintain the thrust forwards as a top luxury brand and keep brand synergy especially as Jumeirah was increasing its portfolio and the competitive arena heats up in the international market place. Expected learning outcomes – Creation of stakeholder value, brand strategy looking at various brand levels, using arts and culture as part of CSR initiative; communication strategy, emotional touch points and moment of truth as part of interactive service strategy; CRM and loyalty. Supplementary materials – Teaching notes.

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