Nonlinear distortions of hyper-Gaussian beams

Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics (Impact Factor: 0.96). 10/1984; 27(10):905-909. DOI: 10.1007/BF01039455


The defocusing of hyper-Gaussian beams in nonlinear media is
investigated. Particular consideration is given to stationary thermal
and Kerr-type defocusing; beam profiling in a moving medium (of interest
in adaptive optics); nonstationary thermal self-defocusing; the
profiling of light beams in a cloud medium; and the self-defocusing of
profiled beams in the presence of a screen. It is shown that, in the
near field of nonlinear refraction, the distortion of the
amplitude-phase characteristics of hyper-Gaussian beams is significantly
less than that of the characteristics of ordinary Gaussian beams.

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