A remarkable new jellyfish (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) from coastal Australia, representing a new suborder within the Rhizostomeae

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 01/2013; 56:xxx-xxx.


A new genus and species of rhizostome jellyfish, which cannot be placed in any known
family or suborder, is described from central eastern Australia. The Ptychophorae
suborder nov., can be separated from the two recognised suborders of the Rhizostomeae
in having hooded rhopalia rather than open pits, unbranched evenly-spaced radial
canals, and a large circular stomach. It also possesses a unique combination of some of
the primary diagnostic characters of rhizostome families in both current suborders.
Moreover, Bazinga rieki gen. nov., sp. nov. is unique among all rhizostomes in its very
small mature size. It is probable that this species has been previously mistaken for
juveniles of other species.

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