Samario-153-Lexidronam (EDTMP) en el tratamiento de las metástasis óseas


SUMMARY Bone metastases are a frequent complication in cancer patients. Bone tissue ranks third, after lung and liver, of all the organs and systems with metastases. Approximately 75 per cent of patients with bone metastases will suffer pain, this being the most frequent cause of pain in cancer pa- tients. Bone pain increases with movement and pressure, restricting patient autonomy and quality of life. The treat- ment includes several complementary therapeutic regimes: NSAIs, opiates, biphosphonates, radiotherapy, radioisoto- pes, surgery and invasive techniques. We present two clinical cases. The first is a women diag- nosed of breast carcinoma and the second, a man with pros- tate and bladder carcinoma, in both cases with bone metas- tasis dissemination. The persistence of pain and its difficult management determined in both patients the administration of Samarium-153 Lexidronam (Quadramet). Pain and opia- tes consumption decreased, despite the progression of the disease. Sm-153 is a radioisotope with emission of beta and gamma radiation. It has a short physical half-life, high affi- nity for the bone and renal excretion. Pain relief is about 65- 80%, with fast and sustained analgesia that lasts 8-12 weeks and minimal side effects. © 2004 Sociedad Española del Dolor. Published by Arán Ediciones, S.L.

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