Exothermic waves in continua

IN: Selected problems in contemporary mechanics. Part II (A85-29001 12-34). Moscow, Izdatel'stvo Moskovskogo Universiteta, 1982, p. 3-56. In Russian 01/1982;


Theoretical and experimental research related to the generation and propagation of exothermic waves in combustible gas mixtures as well as solid and liquid combustible media is reviewed. In particular, attention is given to detonation phenomena, the stationary structure of chemical detonation waves for various gas and condensed explosive models, discontinuous solutions for motions with exothermic discontinuities, and heat release in thermonuclear reactions. The discussion also covers frontal polymerization and crystallization waves, stationary combustion waves in systems with high-temperature self-propagating synthesis, and initiation of exothermic waves in continua with allowance for transfer processes.

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