Śluzowiak zatoki czołowej penetrujący do jamy czaszki

Otolaryngologia polska. The Polish otolaryngology 02/2011; 65(1):62-65. DOI: 10.1016/S0030-6657(11)70630-8


We discuss a case of 49-year-old man admitted to our Department with headache and tumor of frontal region since 3 months. We report clinical features and imaging data of mucocele of frontal sinus that penetrates into cranial cavity. The mucocele had damaged anterior and posterior walls of frontal sinus with intracranial penetration. There was intact dura of anterior fosse. External approach with coronal incision was performed, mucocele was evacuated and mucosa was removed. Then frontal sinus was cranialized with reconstruction of anterior wall and finally wide nasal drainage was performed. Intracranial mucocele of the frontal sinus is rare evidence. The key difficulties may be related to dura preservation and reconstruction of anterior wall of frontal sinus.

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    ABSTRACT: To thoroughly understand the biology of any lesion and render the appropriate management, clear and accurate definitions are paramount. For benign cysts and tumors of the oral maxillofacial region, an accurate depiction of these lesions needs to be elucidated to provide both the treating surgeon and the patient with a clear understanding of the course of treatment and the outcome.
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    ABSTRACT: Among pathologies of sinuses penetrating to the orbit or anterior cranial fossa the most common changes are mucocele of fronto-ethmoid region and much rarely – polyps.The aim of the study is the overview of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of these lesions.7 patients (4 male and 3 female) in the age of 42–83 were treated for the changes penetrating to the orbit or anterior cranial fossa in the years 2010–2012. All the patients had exophthalmos, ocular movement limitation (n = 4) and diplopia (n = 4). Patients reported head and orbit pain (n = 4), nasal obstruction (n = 1) from the period of 4 month to 2 years. Three patients had previously sinus operations. The patients underwent CT of paranasal sinuses, and in two case also MRI. In 3 cases pathological changes penetrated to the orbit and anterior cranial fossa, in 4 – only to the orbit. In 6 cases the cause was paranasal sinus mucocele, in 1 – the polyps. Surgery was the method of treatment: external approach (n = 6) or FESS (n = 1). The frontal sinus obliteration was done in 4 cases. Wound healing was normal, obtained a good functional and cosmetic result. In one case, after the operation of the frontal sinus polyps, there was the development of mucocele.Surgical treatment is an effective procedure in cases of changes penetrating from sinuses to the orbit and cranial fossa.
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