An Approximation Method for Solution of the Coupled Channels Inverse Scattering Problem At Fixed Energy

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We present a method for the quantum mechanical inverse scattering problem at fixed energy for coupled channels in reactions with particles having internal degrees of freedom. The scattered particles can be excited by a local interaction between the relative motion and the internal dynamics which can be expanded in multipoles. The inverse scattering problem is solved by an extension of the modified Newton-Sabatier method, assuming a special ansatz for the integral kernel in the radial wave function. Application has been made for a hypothetical scattering of two nuclei interacting by a dipole-type interaction. Good agreement between the obtained potentials and the input data is found. 03.65.N, 24.10.E, 24.10.H, 25.70.

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Available from: Matthias Eberspächer, Jan 15, 2015
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