Predicting the properties of the 113-120 transactinide elements

Article (PDF Available)inThe Journal of Physical Chemistry 85(9):1177-1186 · April 1981with769 Reads
DOI: 10.1021/j150609a021
The information indices, recently introduced for the description of the electronic structure of atoms, are used as a more convenient basis than atomic number (or period number) for correlations with the properties of the chemical elements within the main groups of the periodic table. When the derived equations are extrapolated, the expected values for a number of properties or characteristics of the 113 to 120 transactinide elements are obtained: entropies in the gas and solid state, heats of melting and sublimation, melting and boiling points, first and second ionization potentials, atomic volumes, densities, covalent radii, and orbital exponents. Some corrections to the predictions were made by proceeding from the similarity in the trend of the expected values for elements 113 to 120 and the known data on elements 81 to 88. Some properties of elements 85 to 88, missing from the literature, were also calculated.