Aerodinámica del ventilador axial del pulverizador Hatsuta-420 empleado en frutales Aerodynamic of the axial fan of the Hatsuta-420 sprayer employee in fruit-bearing

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    /s. En el trabajo se realiza el estudio de los parámetros del ventilador a la salida: velocidad del aire, caudal y coeficiente de uniformidad. Palabras clave: ventilador axial, pulverizadores, frutales. ABSTRACT. The control of plagues with chemical products in fruit-bearing constitutes a reality today in the world. The program of Integrated Handling of Plagues considers the use of chemical products with new concepts. In the cultivation of the fruit-bearing ones in big extensions, it becomes necessary the use of sprayers for the application of chemical products. The employees with better results at the moment are the sprayers with axial fan, these they use a current of air to help to the pulverization and the transfer from the chemical product to the tree. The use of the current of air in these it constitutes their success in the covering of the tree, but in turn if this is not efficiently an employee it is a great source of lost of chemical products and contamination for the drift of the drops. At the moment the biggest losses take place in this sprayers type. In spite of the development of these it becomes necessary the study of the aerodynamics of the fan with a view to selecting the sprayers and more appropriate regulation in function of the dimensions of the cultivation, plagues to control and insecticide employee, with the objective of reducing the contamination. In this work it is studied of the aerodynamics of the axial fan of the commercial sprayers Hatsuta 420, which possesses a flow of 5,0 m 3 /s. In the work is carried out the study of the parameters from the fan to the exit: speed of the air, flow and