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Septate hairs are recorded and described for the first time from the capitula of various southern African asteraceous genera. Such hairs are present on the paleae of Eriocephalus L., the cypselas of Tarchonanthus L., Lasiospermum Lag., Arctotis L. and Arctotheca JC Wendl. and the receptacle of Lidbeckia PJ Bergius. The basal coma of hairs on the cypselas of Ursinia Gaertn. subgenus Sphenogyne (R.Br.) Prassler also consists of septate hairs. The hairs in Eriocephalus, Tarchonanthus, Lasiospermum, Arctotis and Arctotheca have oblique cell walls while in Lidbeckia the hairs have perpendicular cell walls. In Ursinia subgenus Sphenogyne the septate hairs also have oblique cell walls and, in addition, spiral wall thickenings. Multicellular, biseriate hairs mixed with some septate hairs were observed in Arctotheca. The basal coma of the cypselas of Arctotis and Haplocarpha Less. consists of twin hairs. Septate hairs can be considered a generic characteristic of the genera Tarchonanthus and Arctotheca and possibly of the genera Eriocephalus, Lasiospermom, Lidbeckia and Ursinia subgenus Sphenogyne.