A new balanced amplifier using 6-port power divider

01/2001; 2. DOI: 10.1109/MWSYM.2001.967132


A new balanced amplifier using the 6-port power divider is proposed. The power divider used in this balanced amplifier has a totally planar structure, and needs no internal resistor and termination. The measured insertion loss of the 2-port back-to-back power divider/combiner for the balanced amplifier is around 0.7 dB, which is a reasonable value at 10 GHz. In power measurement, the 1 dB output power compression point of the proposed balanced amplifier is twice that of the single-ended amplifier as predicted. The measured performances show that the proposed amplifier can be applied as a new balanced amplifier

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    • "In the microwave world, a balanced amplifier is something quite different compared to push pull configuration. They represent attractive candidates for Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications [2], [3]. Basically the topology consists of two identical mirror imaged amplifier chains. "
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    ABSTRACT: This paper provides suitable design method to achieve high efficiency of single balanced amplifier based on load pull technique. The device technology is using pseudomorphic High Mobility Electron Transistor (pHEMT) having gate-width of 6400-mum. Power-aided-efficiency (PAE) of 60-70 %, output power of 1 W and gain of 14 dB for the entire range 1-1.5 GHz is achieved at simulation level. Degradation of 30 % of PAE, 4 mW of output power and 5 dB of gain have been experienced at measurement level.
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