A Challenge of Modeling How to Use an Architecture

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ntrolled evolution of the software and increased amount of glue code used. As a result, less and less of the initial architecture is left or it is more difficult to find. By studying the software evolution in various case studies, Lehman et al. have noticed that adding new code typically causes increasing complexity, declining comprehendability, and increasing resistance to future changes [LPRTW97]. Designing a good architecture flexible for changes is a time consuming and challenging task. In addition, predicting future needs for changes is not easy if possible. Even though reusability and good software architecture is often desired, time-to-market usually counts. Recovering the architecture of a large software system, composed from various components (possibly distributed over the internet) is very difficult. Maintenance, reengineering, and reuse processes are often task-oriented. The re-engineer or (re)user typically wants to know how to use the archi

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