The environments of Seyfert and Markarian galaxies

Article · February 1993with2 Reads
Source: NTRS


    The environments of galaxies may affect both the presence and nature of the activity in their nuclei. We have undertaken a study of the environments of Seyfert and non-Seyfert Markarian galaxies to investigate the relationship between nuclear activity and external influences on the nucleus (MacKenty 1989; MacKenty, McLean, and Simpson 1990). Previous studies of the environments of Seyfert galaxies suggest a connection between the nature of the activity in the nuclear regions of the galaxy and its external environment. Petrosian (1982) finds Seyfert 2 galaxies to be located in regions of higher density than Seyfert 1 galaxies and Dahari (1984, 1985) finds an excess of close companions to Seyfert galaxies compared to field galaxies. In a study of 102 Markarian galaxies, MacKenty (1989) confirms these results yet finds that non-Seyfert Markarian galaxies have the same frequency of companion galaxies as Seyfert Markarian galaxies and concludes from their IRAS colors that the companion galaxies tend to enhance star formation rather than directly influence the nuclear activity.