[Analysis of patients with bone injury in Wenchuan earthquake].

ArticleinZhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of surgery] 46(24):1853-5 · January 2009with5 Reads
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    To evaluate the patients with bone injury in Wenchuan earthquake.
    From May 12th to June 15th 2008 the data of 1410 patients with bone injury in Wenchuan earthquake were analyzed to evaluate clinical intervention and remedy-managing experience.
    The 1410 patients average age was from 4 to 103 years old. And 744 cases (52.7%) suffered from blunt injuries, 379 cases (26.9%) from buried injuries, 287 cases (20.4%) from falling injuries; And 1317 cases were with fracture, 93 with limbs soft tissue injuries; 261 patients combined with other parts of injuries including 45 cases with paralysis; 66 cases were with crush syndrome, 25 with gas gangrene, 76 with acute kidney failure, 26 with multiple organ failure. And 912 operations were performed including 402 fracture fixation, 224 debridement, 152 debridement and suture, 85 amputation, 29 implant skin, 8 fixation of joint dislocation, 5 surgical flaps transplantation, 4 nerve and tendon suture, 2 arthroscopes, 1 joint replacement. Among the 66 crush syndrome patients, 49 accepted continuous renal replacement therapy, in which 9 cases were bleeding from named arteries and 20 blood vessels were getting embolism. Among the 1410 cases, 1 died from multiple organ failure.
    Among the patients with bone injury in Wenchuan earthquake, the elderly patients are more than the youth; The injuries are always combined with other complications; Opened injuries are polluted severely; It is difficult to deal with the crush syndrome; Paraplegia cases are less, but the amputees are more.