Ocorrência de flebite em pacientes sob utilização de amiodarona endovenosa Occurrence of phlebitis in patients on intravenous amiodarone



Objective: To investigate the occurrence of phlebitis in patients given amiodarone through a peripheral venous access, and to describe nursing interventions in patients with phlebitis following the use of this medication. Methods: A descriptive exploratory cross-sectional quantitative study was undertaken. Data were gathered from the files of patients of a cardiology intensive care unit in a general hospital. Results: Forty patients aged from 51 to 90 years, admitted into a cardiology intensive therapy unit, were included. Fifty-five percent of these patients presented phlebitis. Intrinsic factors such as age over 65 years (14.9%) and poor condition of veins (3.5%) were noted. Intrinsic factors included drug administration issues (13.9%) and lack of compliance to institutional protocols by nurses (7.8%). Conclusions: most patients who were given intravenous amiodarone at the Institution developed phlebitis. Intrinsic factors identified were patient age and vein status, and the extrinsic factors were drug administration methods and lack of compliance to institutional protocol by nurses.