Similarity-extension modeling method of management experiments

ArticleinInternational Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making 07(03):407-419 · September 2008with1 Read
Impact Factor: 1.41 · DOI: 10.1142/S0219622008003095 · Source: RePEc


    In order to overcome the modeling limitations for management experiments, we proposed to integrate the Internet technology with role-playing, and developed a novel modeling method called similarity-extension modeling method. By the novel method, we found a new way to transform an economic experiment into a management one. The basic steps of similarity-extension modeling are presented, and their applications are illustrated by taking Cournot Oligopoly Management Experiment as an example. In the example, the primary Cournot Oligopoly Management Experiment is first established with reference to the basic element model of the Cournot Oligopoly Economic Experiment, and then how to transform the economic experiment into a management one is focused on in detail by introducing management factors. Finally, an improved quantitative process method is delved into for fuzzy management factors based on the Market Quiz Method in psychology.