ELI SOMA IŞIKLAR DESANDRESİNDE KARŞILAŞILAN SORUNLAR, DENENEN TAHKİMAT ŞEKİLLERİ VE ÇÖZÜM ÖNERİLERİ The Problems Encountered in ELİ Soma Işiklar Inclined Shaft, Applied Support Systems and Solution Recommendations


Tertiary pressures during the construction of tunnel are generated by rocks which increase their volumes with physical and chemical reactions. The main problems in supporting an underground opening where the formations mainly consist of clay minerals with very high rate of swelling properties, are excessive pressures generated by swelling, deformation and thus support failures. This paper is concerned with the instability problems faced at a wince opened in claystone with high swelling capacity for ELI Işiklar Underground Project. Mechanical properties of surrounding claystone were determined by a detailed laboratory testing program. Support systems applied upto date were analyzed and necessary precautions that should be taken to maintain stability are briefly presented.

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