Innovación en el concepto de peeling: CIMEL ICP, con acción despigmentante y rejuvenecedora Innovation in Peelings: Cimel, with Despigmenting and Rejuvenating Action

Medicina cutánea ibero-latino-americana, ISSN 0210-5187, Vol. 31, Nº. 3, 2003, pags. 173-178
Source: OAI


Summary The field of Cosmetic Dermatology has multiple therapeutic tools. Peelings are one of the most frequently used in dermatological appointments, especially superficial and mid-depth ones. This paper describes a new, semi-oclusive peeling concept, Cimel, oriented toward despigmention, rejuvenation and anti-seborreic treatments for the skin. Materials and methods: The Cimel peeling consists of a combination of ingredients with high concentrations, and it is applied as a mask over a four- to eight-hour time period. Depending on the predominant lesion to be treated, different active substances are added to the basic product composition. Cimel Conservador-C was used for maintenance applications. A total of 183 cases were treated, 60 for different types of hyperpigmentation, 55 for signs of cutaneous aging, 42 for seborrhea and 26 for melano-hematic pigmentations. Results were evaluated through visual inspection done by the investigators, and through photographs taken before and after the procedures. In three cases, cutaneous biopsies were taken before and after the peeling. Results: In the group of hyperpigmentations, 90% of observed results were considered excellent, 80% in the case of aging cases, 75% for seborrhea and 70% for the melano-hematic pigmentations. The immediate effects included erithema and scaly skin. There were no complications. Conclusion: The Cimel peeling is an innovation in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology because of its results and polyvalency for a wide range of indications.