Quantum Crooks fluctuation theorem and quantum Jarzynski equality in the presence of a reservoir

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We consider the quantum mechanical generalization of Crooks Fluctuation Theorem and Jarzynski Equality for an open quantum system. The explicit expression for microscopic work for an arbitrary prescribed protocol is obtained, and the relation between quantum Crooks Fluctuation Theorem, quantum Jarzynski Equality and their classical counterparts are clarified. Numerical simulations based on a two-level toy model are used to demonstrate the validity of the quantum version of the two theorems beyond linear response theory regime.

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    • "However, the latter do often include measurements, and in particular energy measurements (see e.g. [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25]) that typically destroy coherences and quantum correlations. Here we avoid such auxiliary components, and obtain * Electronic address: "
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    ABSTRACT: Systems that are driven out of thermal equilibrium typically dissipate random quantities of energy on microscopic scales. Crooks fluctuation theorem relates the distribution of these random work costs with the corresponding distribution for the reverse process. By an analysis that explicitly incorporates the energy reservoir that donates the energy, and the control system that implements the dynamic, we here obtain a quantum generalization of Crooks theorem that not only includes the energy changes on the reservoir, but the full description of its evolution, including coherences. This approach moreover opens up for generalizations of the concept of fluctuation relations. Here we introduce `conditional' fluctuation relations that are applicable to non-equilibrium systems, as well as approximate fluctuation relations that allow for the analysis of autonomous evolution generated by global time-independent Hamiltonians.
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    • "When the baths are thermal, the Carnot efficiency limit is equally applicable for a small quantum system [1] [2]. Even classical fluctuation theorems hold without any alteration [3] [4] [5]. "
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    ABSTRACT: Quantum heat engines (QHE) are thermal machines where the working substance is a quantum object. In the extreme case, the working medium can be a single particle or a few-level quantum system. The study of QHE has shown a remarkable similarity with macroscopic thermodynamical results, thus raising the issue of what is quantum in quantum thermodynamics. Our main result is the thermodynamical equivalence of all engine types in the quantum regime of small action with respect to Planck's constant. They have the same power, the same heat, and the same efficiency, and they even have the same relaxation rates and relaxation modes. Furthermore, it is shown that QHE have quantum-thermodynamic signature; i.e., thermodynamic measurements can confirm the presence of quantum effects in the device. We identify generic coherent and stochastic work extraction mechanisms and show that coherence enables power outputs that greatly exceed the power of stochastic (dephased) engines.
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    ABSTRACT: We study the quantum-mechanical generalization of force or pressure, and then we extend the classical thermodynamic isobaric process to quantum-mechanical systems. Based on these efforts, we are able to study the quantum version of thermodynamic cycles that consist of quantum isobaric processes, such as the quantum Brayton cycle and quantum Diesel cycle. We also consider the implementation of the quantum Brayton cycle and quantum Diesel cycle with some model systems, such as single particle in a one-dimensional box and single-mode radiation field in a cavity. These studies lay the microscopic (quantum-mechanical) foundation for Szilard-Zurek single-molecule engine.
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