La mujer (in)visible: la construcción de la identidad femenina a través de la fotografía en El País y El Mundo

Enl@ce: Revista Venezolana de Información, tecnología y conocimiento 01/2011; 8(3):51-67.


In today's society one of the fundamental ways of constructing reality and identity is the image. Gender studies related to the media and especially the print media often ignore the important role played by the press photography in proposing and strengthen female models. In this study we exhaustively analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively the footage that has a woman as the subject of journalism in the state's largest-circulation newspapers and dissemination: El Pais and El Mundo. Our objective was not only noted the imbalance between the sexes, but to define and study the identity and the archetypes of the women represented and justify the visibility and invisibility of these in newspaper photographs. We have also seen the study of visual resources as an essential part to understand the different strategies used by the media to shape the image of women.