Profissionalidade: Saberes e Autonomia Docente

Olhar de Professor 01/2004; 7(2):105-124.


This work points to the teacher´s professionalism, that is understood as a set of abilities, aptitudes, behaviors and values intrinsical to be teacher. It refers to an elaborating and re-elaborating process of knowledge and teaching work, trying to notice, within the professional practicing, the articulation to teaching autonomy. It was taken a research along the teachers that are studying the course “Teaching in Pedagogy at State University from Feira de Santana City - UEFS.” The gathered data were based on bibliographic review and kind of qualitative research, allowed the analysis of the reports, upon three themes: from professionalization to professional teaching; professional background and some teaching knowledge; and knowledge teaching autonomy. By then these themes it was possible to accomplish a critical balance about the teachers´ act, their aptitudes, thoughts and articulation within the teachers´ labor as well the factors, which contribute to the elaboration of their autonomy process


Available from: Maria José Oliveira Duboc, Jun 25, 2015