Los diálogos en las clases de matemática

Educere 01/2002; 6(19):316-323.


The study and understanding of the dialogues which take place in the educational context implies to reflect about classrooms as influential socio-linguistic environments that require certain linguistic behaviours, and on the other hand, to consider that the academic disciplines, specially mathematics, are a kind of language in themselves each one with its specific metalanguage. From this perspective, the purpose of this study was to analyse the dialogues in the mathematics classes of second level of Basic Education within the context of the rural school “Mirabelito” located in the municipality of Pampanito, Trujillo, Venezuela. The methodological approach of this study was from the perspective of the ethnography. This methodological and interpretative framework let analyse the conversations in their natural context of a classroom environment. Observation interviews, audio recordings and notebooks were used as data collection procedures. The analyses reveals the presence and permanence of dialogues based on a lineal and rigid discursive structure in which the main linguistic component is restrained just to short answers and, in addition, some imprecise terminology of the mathematical knowledge was observed.

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