Estrategias constructivistas en el aprendizaje significativo: su relación con la creatividad

Article · January 2005with250 Reads
The purpose of this article is to generate spaces for discusión and reflection in relation to the conceptual bases for constructivist learning, and the development of creative potencial, in order to make a person critical and reflexive. The research is documentary, and is based on the study and analysis of the writings of authors such as Habermas (communicative action), Vigostxy (constructivist approach) and Chevallard (didactic transposition). This paper is based on a conceptualization of strategies as a general case, and in educational strategies and constructivist strategies. The principal conclusion is that the constructivist teacher finds in didactic transposition, an operationalizing element for teacher action in order to achieve the internalization of learning and the formation of concepts through the zone of approximate or near development (zdp).