Determinación de Ca, Cu, Fe y Pb por espectrofotometría de absorción atómica en aguardientes de caña

ICIDCA. Sobre los Derivados de la Caña de Azúcar 01/2010; 44(3):3-6.


The determination of Ca, Cu, Fe and Pb in sugarcane raw spirits by atomic absorption spectrophotometry was carried out. For 20 uL injected sample, calibration within the 0,5- 25,0 mg.L-1 Ca; 0,25-5,0 mg.L-1 Cu, Pb and Cu intervals were established using the ratios Cu, Ca, Fe and Pb absorbance versus analyte concentration, respectively. Typical linear correlations of r = 0,999 were obtained. The proposed method was applied for the direct determination of Ca, Cu, Fe and Pb in sugar cane spirits, and in samples. The results obtained were in accordance to those obtained at 95% confidence level.

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