Produtividade da melancia irrigada por gotejamento em diferentes espaçamentos de plantio

Ciência agronômica (Impact Factor: 0.62). 01/2005; 36(2):158-162.


The study was carried out at Embrapa Tropical Agroindustry, Curu Experimental Field, Paraipaba, CE, Brazil. Yield of drip irrigated watermelon, cv. Crimsom Sweet, on different plant spacing was evaluated. Plant spacing treatments evaluated were: a) 2,0 x 1,0 m, b) 2,0 x 1,0 m, with two plants per hole and c) 2,0 x 1,5 m, with two plants per hole. There were no significant differences among treatments for total and marketable yield. Plant spacing influenced the number of fruits per plant, average fruit weight and yield of fruits classified as small (< 6 kg), medium (6 to 9 kg) and big (>9 kg). Plant spacing of 2 x 1 m with one plant per hole presented higher number of fruits per plant and fruits of higher weight compared to other treatments. Among plant spacing evaluated, the 2,0 x 1,0 m with one plant per hole spacing could be recommended for markets with preference for big fruits. Plant spacing with two plants per hole (2,0 x 1,0 m or 2,0 x 1,5 m) could be used when the market prefers medium weight fruits.

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